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Cesspool Pumping Services in Maui

If you have your own waste management system in Maui, then you’re probably familiar with the pumping services your cesspool requires every few years. Scheduling this service regularly is essential to keeping your system healthy and sanitary. Having a cesspool pumping team that you trust with your home and system isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity! 

Luckily, Maui Pumping Services has all the information and expertise you need to take care of your cesspool without dealing with the stress and mess! Our team members are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to doing the job the right way. We treat your sewage needs seriously, so you can trust that we’ll do a great job that you can count on.

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Septic vs. Cesspool: What’s The Difference?

Two of the most common waste management systems are septic tanks and cesspools, so what’s the difference? Cesspools can actually be dated back to Roman times, proving that the design stands the test of time. While cesspools are an older design for waste management, they still exist. Your home might have a cesspool, especially if it’s an older home.

The two systems are created of different materials — septic tanks are made of fiberglass or polyurethane, but cesspools are usually made of simple concrete blocks. The biggest difference between these two systems is how they release effluent (wastewater). Septic systems use carefully placed perforated pipes to release the wastewater into the environment across a large space. Cesspools simply have holes built into the sides of the concrete. When the sludge on the bottom builds up enough, the wastewater escapes into the soil surrounding the concrete. 

This can cause erosion of the soil since the wastewater is consistently released into the same area. Cesspools can even require relocation if the wastewater saturates the soil too much, but upgrading to a septic tank is usually recommended at this point.

How Often Should My Cesspool Be Pumped?

Since cesspools release wastewater directly into the soil around them, pumping the system is even more important. The system has no backup to spread out the wastewater and give the sludge room to build up. Once the system is backed up, a huge mess can occur. The official recommendation is to pump the cesspool every 3-5 years — just like a septic tank. 

However, you should be aware that your cesspool could fill more rapidly and need more frequent pumping services. At the very least, you should know the signs to look for that indicate your cesspool is full. A professional can help you determine how quickly your cesspool is filling as well! 

Symptoms Of Full Cesspools

Similar to a septic tank backup, cesspools may show some warning signs that they’re running out of room. Paying attention to these symptoms may allow you to act fast and avoid a sewage leak in your yard or even your home! Don’t ignore these signs:

  • Slow drains
  • Foul odors from drains or outdoors
  • An abnormally lush area around the cesspool
  • Puddles or standing water

Even if your problem isn’t the waste management system, these symptoms could indicate a serious problem with your plumbing. The best option is to have a professional evaluate the system and pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. If it is caused by your cesspool, you’ll be happy you caught the issue early.

Count On Maui Pumping Services

Whether you’re dealing with a cesspool emergency or need to schedule a regular pumping appointment, you deserve a company that goes above and beyond for its customers. Maui Pumping Services works to provide outstanding septic services to the community. We provide cesspool pumping services to Kahului, Kihei, Wailuku, Lahaina, Pukalani, and all the surrounding Maui communities. Contact us today to schedule your cesspool pumping services!

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