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Even your septic tank needs to treat itself

Maui Septic Treatment Services

You may wish that your septic tank — and everything that goes on in there — could stay out of sight and mind, but it’s best to stay ahead of waste management. A healthy septic tank may be able to break down waste effectively between pumping services, but sometimes a little extra help is needed.

Maui Pumping Services is the expert team you need to give accurate recommendations on any septic treatments your tank needs. You want your septic system to function efficiently and be healthy for as long as possible, and septic treatment can help this process significantly.

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What Does Septic Treatment Do?

Inside your septic system, bacteria do the heavy lifting to break down waste. When bacteria processes waste, some of it is transformed into an effluent (wastewater) which can be released back into the environment safely. The more wastewater that can be released, the slower the sludge at the bottom of the tank collects. 

While the bacteria inside your tank should be able to regulate itself, it might need a little help. Whether it’s due to your home’s water usage or waste production, bacteria ecosystems can struggle to thrive. Depending on the kind of treatment used, the breakdown process inside the tank can speed up or become regular again with additives. This means more regular pumping schedules!

Types Of Septic Treatment

There are a few things that can be used to treat your septic tank, and not all of them are the perfect choice for every homeowner. In fact, some of them are highly dangerous and can even be banned where you live.

  • Biological Additives — Adding a biological additive basically boosts the existing bacteria population’s health, allowing the ecosystem to thrive. They also have enzymes included that can break down stubborn paper products. This is the healthiest, recommended treatment for septic tanks.
  • Organic Solvents — One of the toughest substances in your septic tank is grease. Certain substances meant to break down grease can be added to your tank if needed, but this treatment can sometimes affect the healthy bacteria as well. These solvents also don’t break down when released into the environment, potentially causing contamination.
  • Inorganic Acids — After dilution, compounds like sulfuric acid can be used to break down waste on a short-term basis. They’re effective at clearing a path through the waste but will likely destroy the natural bacteria growth. They’re also dangerous to the surrounding environment.

ONLY Use Professional Septic Treatment

There are many septic additives available to you at common home supply stores, but you should be VERY careful what you put into your septic tank. As you can see from the varying purposes of different septic treatments, the wrong additive can have negative consequences. You should consult with a professional septic expert before adding anything to your system. At the very least, you should know that you aren’t harming your system!

If you don’t want to worry about that process at all, our team will be of even more help. We have the tools to test your septic system to see how it’s breaking down and determine if any additives are necessary. Then, we’ll advise on the best solution to send into your septic system that will be safe on all fronts.

Choose Maui Pumping

Our team at Maui Pumping Services always does the job the right way, including helping our customers determine what’s best for their septic systems. We want your septic system to run like clockwork instead of being a hassle. We provide septic treatment services to Kahului, Kihei, Wailuku, Lahaina, Pukalani, and all the surrounding Maui communities. Trust the pros to handle the mess and enjoy the rest! Give us a call today for septic treatment options!

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