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Sewer Camera Inspection And Location

We can see even the most camera shy sewers

Maui Sewer Camera Inspection & Location

When it comes to your sewer system, it can be exceedingly difficult to figure out what’s going on — after all, you can’t see your sewer lines! That’s why professional help is essential for any repairs or inspections your sewer lines need. Advanced technology makes more accurate diagnosis possible by revealing the inner workings of your cesspool and sewer lines without having to dig up the entire thing every time we have a question!

Maui Pumping Services is proud to use cutting-edge tools, like sewer cameras, to inspect and evaluate your sewer lines and waste management system. If your cesspool system is struggling, our team can put eyes on the problem in no time. Plus, you can be confident that we’re qualified to use this tool effectively and help solve your cesspool problem.

sewer camera inspection

Does Sewer Camera Inspection Find Leaks?

During a sewer camera inspection, a small camera on a flexible cable is inserted into your sewer lines. The sewer cleanout openings — white PVC pipes sticking out of the ground — come into play here as the main access point to your sewer system. The technician at the surface can move the camera further into the system and see the image of your pipes in real-time on a screen. This allows the experts to assess the inside of your lines more accurately before they decide on the best course of action.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sewer camera inspections is that they can find leaks in your sewer lines. While some dishonest plumbing companies may claim that they’ve found leaks during their inspection, make sure you have a more accurate pressure test done by a qualified plumber. It’s very rare to identify a leak based on an image alone.

Do I Need A Sewer Camera Inspection?

The good news is that sewer cameras are extremely useful for several other reasons. When used correctly, severe repairs can be avoided and your septic and cesspool professionals will be able to recommend a solution that works. Here are some of the common reasons to have an inspection done:

  • Locating Sewer Lines — If you’ve purchased a home with sewer lines installed or simply don’t know where your sewer lines run underground, locating them can feel daunting. Sewer cameras have a location device built into them that sends out a signal. When the camera is fed into the lines, technicians can use a receiver above ground to pinpoint where the lines run.
  • Clearing Blockages — If the waste from your home doesn’t travel correctly with the flow of gravity, it may never reach your cesspool! That’s why getting a camera inside your lines can help tremendously. We can locate blockages caused by roots, mud, broken pipes or waste clogs.
  • Pipe Material — If your home was built decades ago or you just purchased it, you may not know what kind of sewer lines you have. Our team can insert the sewer camera and determine what material we’re working with, allowing us to customize your cesspool services further.

Besides having troubles with your sewage system that need to be diagnosed, sewer cameras are the most efficient process for learning basic information about your sewer system. Whether you’re trying to buy or sell a home, do work on the property that requires digging or simply identify the pieces of your system to maintain them better, professional inspections are invaluable. 

Count On Your Local Experts

Maui Pumping Services is dedicated to completely taking care of your cesspool services. From locating your tank or pipes to inspecting the health of your system, our technology has many valuable applications that will ensure you feel confident about your waste management system. We provide sewer camera inspection and location services to Kahului, Kihei, Wailuku, Lahaina, Pukalani, and all the surrounding Maui communities. Contact us today to schedule your sewer inspection appointment!

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