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Maui Cesspool Treatment Services

Your private waste management system isn’t something you like to think about often — we get it! Luckily, the inside of your cesspool doesn’t usually need much help to operate the way it’s supposed to. However, that doesn’t mean that we can ignore our waste management systems for three years until the next cesspool pumping appointment!

Maui Pumping Services knows your cesspool inside and out. We understand how waste management works — and the common household treatments that can actually do more harm than good! If your sewage breakdown needs some assistance to flow efficiently, always count on the recommendation of a professional!

cesspool treatment

What’s Cesspool Treatment?

Your cesspool is the destination for everything that goes down your drains and toilets, but what happens once it’s all in the tank? An unlikely friend takes it from there — bacteria! Bacteria that naturally live in the waste do the hard work of processing all the waste they can. The bacteria absorb any nutrients they can use from the waste, and then the sludge is expelled as effluent (wastewater).

This is why all the waste in your cesspool only needs to be pumped every few years: the bacteria are hard at work! However, for many different reasons, the bacteria ecosystem inside your cesspool can struggle and suffer. If the bacteria can’t do their jobs, then you’ll likely have a rapidly filling cesspool that needs to be pumped VERY frequently. That’s when a cesspool treatment can help.

The healthiest treatment is a biological additive — a bacteria boost. This introduces healthy bacteria into the ecosystem to aid waste processing. Enzymes can also be added to break down paper products and other problematic materials getting in the bacteria’s way.

Dangerous DIY Treatments

There are hundreds of DIY cesspool treatments on the market or in local home supply stores, but we highly recommend avoiding these solutions. Many of these additives are chemical. You may be trying to cut through some pretty tough substances inside your cesspool, but chemical additives are usually more harmful to the overall waste breakdown process. Chemicals inside these additives — like hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide — may break down waste, but they also harm the healthy bacteria ecosystem working to break down your waste. 

Once these bacteria are killed, your cesspool is going to struggle even more to manage the waste inside. In fact, these chemicals often leech into the soil around the cesspool, contaminating the environment. Plus, the corrosive nature of these chemicals can weaken the structure of the tank itself! Your sewage isn’t something you want to experiment with — especially when the stakes are so high and the consequences are so messy!

Professional Cesspool Treatment

If your cesspool needs help, it’s best to get the advice of a professional. Depending on what the problem is with your cesspool, our team will be able to tell you the safest, most effective additive or solution to introduce in your cesspool. You’ll be happy you consulted with an expert when you avoid a messy sewage backup or more severe cesspool problems caused by harmful DIY treatments.

We have the extensive experience needed to make the right call for your waste management system. Don’t waste time worrying about how to handle your cesspool when our team is just a call away!

Call On The Pros

Maui Pumping Services is the leading cesspool treatment company in Maui. We completely evaluate your sewage system, ensuring that our recommendations are rooted in data and precise observations. You can be confident that your cesspool will be back in working order in no time. We provide cesspool treatment services to Kahului, Kihei, Wailuku, Lahaina, Pukalani, and all the surrounding Maui communities. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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