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Septic Tank and Cesspool Services
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Maui’s Finest Septic Services Company

Septic services aren’t exactly the most enjoyable things to think about — we get it! But your sewer system needs maintenance, repair, pumping and other attention from professionals over its lifespan. That’s why you need a team you trust to take care of your waste management needs. You deserve top-tier services you don’t have to worry about and can depend on to keep your septic or cesspool system healthy.

Maui Pumping Services is Maui’s premier provider of sewer services because we get the job done right. We don’t cut corners. That’s just not how we do business. We build relationships with our customers and ensure that homes, property and waste management are kept in working order. If you’re looking for septic, cesspool or grease trap services, we have your back.

Septic Installations & Replacements

If you don’t have access to the municipal sewer system, your waste management falls on your shoulders. Luckily, you have a team like Maui Pumping Services to support you! Whether you’re installing a septic tank for a new build or replacing an older system, you need professionals to take care of the process the right way. Our team is well-established and experienced in quality septic tank installations

We know what consequences can occur from an incorrect septic installation — we never leave you with a bigger mess than you started with! With thoughtful, transparent recommendations, you’ll be confident that our installation process is executed properly. Start your septic system experience off the right way with five-star septic services!

Regular Cesspool & Septic Pumping

Any homeowner with a private waste management system is responsible for pumping the tank at regular intervals. Our team doesn’t let Maui experience the disaster an overflowed septic tank or cesspool causes. We make ourselves available to pump your tank, ensuring that your septic system is healthy and capable of handling your home’s waste.

When you have questions about how often you should pump your septic tank or cesspool, we’re here. When you need quick, mess-free pumping services, we’re here for that too. We go above and beyond to make sure your local sewer pumping services are reliable and satisfactory every time. Count on us to manage your waste efficiently!

Professional Septic & Cesspool Treatments

We want to TREAT your sewer system with the attention and care that it deserves — and maybe some additives too! If your sewer system isn’t breaking down your waste effectively, you may deal with frequent pumping or even sewage backups. That’s why we want to keep a close eye on how your septic system or cesspool is performing. If needed, we can recommend the safest, most effective additives to introduce into the waste ecosystem.

Our expertise will protect you from using harmful chemicals that do more damage than you might think. We know how to support your waste breakdown process and get your system running correctly again in no time!

Easy Cesspool & Septic Maintenance

You might panic when you think about maintaining a tank full of sewage. However, our expert team can take care of any maintenance tasks to the tank itself. If any changes need to be made to help the process be more efficient, we’ll be sure to get your approval before taking care of installing, repairing or adjusting components.

More importantly, we can share with you some of the simple but effective ways you can protect your septic tank from outside forces. It couldn’t be easier to make sure your septic tank has the best chance of staying healthy and avoiding a nasty sewage leak or backup.  Less stress, less mess, peace of mind: that’s our guarantee.

Advanced Sewer Camera Technology

Only so much can be done for your sewer system by looking at things from the surface — especially because the majority of the system is buried underground! That’s why our team is trained to use sewer cameras. Whether we’re getting eyes on a sewer pipe clog, learning information about the age or material of your pipes or simply locating your system, our cameras are invaluable. 

Our team offers the best technology in the industry, and team members that use the tools properly to find real problems inside your sewer system. If you need a sewer camera inspection to make a more accurate diagnosis of a sewer problem, our team is just a call away!

Septic & Cesspool Location Solutions

What happens if you don’t know where your sewer system is located? First of all, you make it a priority to find out! We have some DIY sewer locating tips you can try first to find the system on your property. We’re also more than happy to come out to your property and make the process easier for you. With special tools, technology and years of experience finding septic and cesspool systems, our team gets the job in no time. Plus, you don’t have to wander around your property trying to find something you might not be familiar with! Contact us today for expert septic and cesspool locating services!

Maui Grease Trap Pumping Services

Whether your home or business uses a grease trap to limit how much grease, oil and fat enters your waste management system, you need a team you know can handle grease trap pumping. Our technicians complete grease trap services quickly and thoroughly, ensuring that your greases don’t become complications later in the sewage process.

If you need grease trap service multiple times a year, a trustworthy pumping contractor is even more important! Our standards for consistent, high-quality services are steadfast, so you can bet on fantastic service every single time. We’re the best option for your regular pumping services.

Choose Maui Pumping Services

You don’t want just any team working on something as important as your sewer lines and system — not when the stakes are so high. You need a company that proves every single day how committed they are to doing the work right and providing an outstanding customer experience. Maui trusts us to handle their septic and cesspool services because we make it easy and we do it right. Contact us today to book an appointment for one of our sewer services!

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